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Astrology Reports

From simple Natal Charts to full compatibility reports, find out what's in the stars for you!


Chimes, votives and pillars as well as all the necessities for burning them.

Crystals & Stones

All our Generator Crystals, Gemstone Kits, Crystals and Minerals in their Natural Shapes, Pyramids, Spheres and Tumbled Stones.

DIY Corner

Supplies for making your own custom pieces.


Variety of Herbs packaged in 1 oz. labeled, zip lock, plastic bags for your convenience.


We carry a variety of Sage bundles and California White Sage leaves.

Ritual Items

Different traditions of magic and spirituality require varied tools or symbols of faith for ceremonies and rituals.

Home Accents

Plaques and statues to decorate your personal altar or space.


Stick, cone and resin incense as well as all the necessities for burning them.


All of our Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants.

Odds & Ends

This is where you will find things that just don't fit in our other categories.

Oils and Mists

Oils and Spray Mists as well as all the necessities for enjoying their fragrances.


Flags, Banners, Bags, Pouches and Polishing Cloths.

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