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Gemstone Kits

Regular and Custom-Made Gemstone Kits.

Generators, Wands & Polished Free Forms

Healing Wands for focusing energy, larger, polished free form shaped gems and Generators (crystals have been cut and polished to offer the highest energy focus during use).

Natural Shapes

Gems, Crystals and Minerals in their natural state (without any cutting or polishing performed).


Our Pendulums are available in a variety of materials and styles.


Pyramids cut and shaped in assorted sizes and Gemstone varieties.


Spheres cut and shaped in assorted sizes and Gemstone varieties.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Gemstones in assorted sizes. Over 80 varieties!

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We Are Happy To Share...

I hope you enjoy my site, find it easy to use, and bookmark it as a reference on your journey in using gems and crystals in your life. I am more than happy to share my information with you for your site - please just ask permission first. The healing and spiritual enlightenment properties that the gemstones shown on this site have been known to exhibit are now listed with most items.

Spiritual Healing...

is not medicine but assists you on your path to better health and well-being. The information that has been provided on this site is not medical in nature and should not replace any medical treatment. Consult your doctor or other health care practitioners regarding health issues.