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Native Spirit Flag String

This 10 flag string honors the Native traditions of the world, taking representative traditions from various continents. The symbols are arranged in the order taken from the Iroquois Thanksgiving Address, which is an opening prayer of thanks offered to all the aspects of the world, said before every meeting of those tribes in Northeast USA. This helps us to remember the preciousness of all aspects of creation, which is a central teaching of all Native spirituality.

Each flag is 10" tall, with a total length of 7 feet. Rayon Batik. If you have been to the studio, these are what grace the entry to our peaceful space.

Ohana, Hawaii - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to all the humans who enrich our lives, the Two Leggeds. Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning family, kin group, or extended family, which can include neighbors, friends and distant relatives. A relatively new word in Hawaii, it captures the feeling of the island spirit and true community. Image is done in the style of the ancient Hawai'ian petroglyphs, and the border includes images of a fish, a gecko, a mo'o (lizard water spirit) and a honu (sea turtle).


Pachamama, Peru, South America - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to Earth Mother and the many legged people of the Earth. Pachamama, or Mama Pacha was a dragoness, an Earth Mother fertility goddess in Inca mythology who presided over planting and harvesting, and occasionally caused earthquakes. She is a machukuna, ancient being. (non-traditional representative image in Peruvian style)


Orca, Alaskan Inuit, North American - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the Water and the People of the Water. Orca or Killer Whale is a symbol of cosmic consciousness, providing a bridge to other worlds and helping embody the consciousness of the universe. Keeper of the Ocean, and Guardian of the Cosmic Memory, called the "Sea Wolf".


Rainbow Serpent, Arnhem Land, Australia - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the the Plants, the rooted ones, symbols of transformation and fertility. Though not limited to plants, the Rainbow Serpent is a symbol of fertility, abundance, richness in propagation of plants and animals, water and rain, which is common throughout Australia. It is a creator of human beings, having life-giving and destructive powers. It is depicted as a long mythical creature made of the parts of different animals - kangaroo's or flying fox's head, crocodile's tail - joined along the body of a huge python decorated with water lilies, yams and waving tendrils.


Tortoise, Shinto, Japan - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the four legged people, the Animals. Tortoise (Black Warrior) is a protector associated with North, Winter, the color Black. The medicine of turtle is its deliberate and thorough approach to life; Turtle is also courageous because it makes progress only when it sticks its neck out. Shinto is Japan's indigenous folk religion, teaching that all natural objects are inhabited by spirits (kami).


Eagle, Ojibway, Northeast Native American - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the Birds, the winds and the people of the Air. Eagle is the Principle Messenger of the Creator, who flies the closest to Great Mystery but also comes down to earth. Eagle sits in the east on the Medicine Wheel with the Elders and the direction of wisdom, guidance and courage. A symbol used by many tribes in North America, this image is from the Ojibway.


Moon and Pentacle, Wiccan, Celtic Europe - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the Moon and the Star People, keepers of all the memories of time. Representing the stars, Symbolic of life and health in ancient times, the pentacle has been used as a strong protective charm. The five pointed star is used in many traditions, and in Wicca, a shamanic nature religion from Europe, it shows an image of how energy flows through stages of life, corresponding to the five points of the human body. The crescent moon represents receptivity, openness, the cup, new life.


Sun, Zia- Zia, Pueblo, Southwest Native American - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the Sun, giver of life, light, warmth, growth. The Zia, named for the people in New Mexico who first used it, is a symbol of the sun, and also of the four directions and the circle of life on earth.


Hunab Ku, Mayan, Central American - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the The Four Directions, the great energies that give structure to our world. The Hunab Ku symbol represents the center of the Galaxy, and the four directions of East, South, West, and North. The complex and highly developed Mayan system of astrology is based on our relationship with this center at our birth.


Gye Nyame, Asante tribe in Ghana, West Africa - We send our thanksgivings and greetings to the The Great Spirit, the Unknowable, the Infinite One. GYE NYAME means "except for God" and is a symbol of the supreme nature of God. A unique and beautiful Adinkra symbol found everywhere in Ghana, very popular for use in decoration and fabrics.

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