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Chakra Crystal Therapy

Course is 7 sessions - class size is limited to 2-3 participants.

Current sessions are filled. Watch for my spring session in 2021.

Classes are held twice each month.
Session 1: September 9 & 23, October 7 & 21, Nov. 4 & 18, Dec. 2 - filled.
Session 2: September 10 & 24, October 8 & 22, Nov. 5 & 19, Dec. 3 - filled.

Whether just for yourself, or using to help others, you will take away how to diagnose and help improve problem energy areas affecting mental, physical and spiritual well-being, as well as a personal Chakra gem bag for yourself. Full course description shown below.

A $50.00 deposit is REQUIRED to sign up. It will be applied to the total class cost of $200 or you may optionally pay in full. After paying the $50 deposit, you can also pay the balance on week 1 or optionally pay $42 at sessions 1 & 3 and $41 at session 5.

Requirements: Must have taken an Intro to Crystals class or have the knowledge of what is taught in that class.


Chakra Crystal Therapy Course

Requirements: You must have taken the Intro to Crystals Class which teaches the basics of choosing the right crystals, cleansing and crystal care, crystal systems and shapes and our Energy Systems. Or, optionally, be able to demonstrate you already have that knowledge.

In the Chakra Crystal Therapy Course you will learn about the stones, oils and colors associated with each of the 7 major Chakras, as well as healing layouts, associated mental, physical

and spiritual aspects and hands-on exploration of the Chakra's associated gems, with loads of take home information sheets.

A personal gem is selected for you for each chakra which you can keep in the provided pouch with your crystal quartz wand from the Intro to Crystals Class.

At the end of session 7 we will do live Chakra Balancing sessions and participants will receive a Crystal Practitioner Course Completion Certificate.