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Assorted Chakra Malas

Gently balance an individual chakra as you go through your day or during meditation. Accented with fine pewter (no nickle or lead) spacer beads and Hamsa Hand charm.

Stretchy, one size fits all (6-3/4 to 7-1/2"). I personally string each on 1mm, heavy duty stretch cord. You can view the 7 Chakra version HERE. Utilizes 8mm (21) of the Chakra Healing Gems of:

Amethyst - Crown/7th Chakra
Lapis Lazuli - Brow/6th Chakra
Blue Lace Agate - Throat/5th Chakra
Unakite - Heart/4th Chakra
Citrine - Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra
Carnelian - Sacral/2nd Chakra
Garnet - Root/1st Chakra


How to Use Mala Bracelets

Complete five full rotations around the mala bead bracelet. This will give you a full meditative course of mantras, the same number of mantras completed with a full sized mala necklace. Learn more about Malas here.