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Selenite Generators

Use the natural qualities of Selenite Generator Crystals to aid in capturing and directing positive energy.

Opens, aligns and clears the aura bodies and opens energy blocks.

They vary a bit in size but are approximately 3-3/4" tall and 2" in diameter and each weighs between 8-9 oz.

Generator Crystals have six crystal faces joining together to form the terminated apex which optimizes and focuses the crystals healing energy. Most times to achieve perfection with this, they are cut and polished to that shape.



Healing Selenite Palm stones. These are excellent for use during meditation.

A perfect size for the palm or to hold in both hands. Most are fairly clear with some cool formations in them.

Very smooth to the touch and carry a high vibration.

Approximately 2-1/2 to 3 inches in size. Some are wide and flat, some are shorter but thicker.

Selenite can assist in calming an over active mind, helping you to reach a deeper level of meditation. 



Selenite Healing Tumbled Stones.

Size: most are almost an inch in diameter and at least an inch long.

Take Note: These are a softer type of gem. If you carry them in your pocket, they need to ride alone or they will get scratched and chipped.

Selenite has been used to bring about awareness of unconscious assumptions and to promote the reconnection between the conscious self and the mystic self that lives in the super-consciousness.



7th Chakra Symbol

7th or Crown Chakra
Color of purple
Sanskrit: Sahasrata

Opens, aligns and clears the aura bodies, opens energy blocks, fills the aura with light, transmits light and energy information and aids ascension. Provides protection, transforms and heals negativity and aids channeling.

Crystal System...

Selenite is in the Monclinic crystal system and is in the family of sulfates. This clear to white form of Gypsum has a pearly, luster finish. It can be easily scratched and will dissolve if left in water.

Generally it is found in the cavities of limestone deposits. Massive beds of it are found in Utah and India, although the clearest varieties come from a large Sicilian sulfur mine in Italy.


Like most gemstones, it is most beneficial when worn or laid upon the body. This one lends itself well to being used as a hand comforter during meditation, or just placed around your personal environment. I also keep a large log shaped piece of this one under my treatment table to enhance client sessions.


Selenite has been used to bring about awareness of unconscious assumptions and to promote the reconnection between the conscious self and the mystic self that lives in the super-consciousness.


Selenite may be used to provide flexibility and strength to your decisions. It allows you to see the inner workings of situations and to understand their meanings at the same time.


Selenite can assist you on issues of judgement providing insight, and provides the energies to promote justice during disputes.


Selenite has been used to bring about regeneration of the cellular structure and protective membranes which surround the cells providing a tool to both prevent and overcome damage from free radicals. It has also been said that it has been used to extend one's lifespan.

Zodiac Affinity...

Selenite has a special affinity with Taurus and Pisces, but as with all stones, it benefits all signs. Its Energy is Magnetic, Planets are the Moon and Venus, and Elements are Earth and Water.


Named for Selene, an ancient Moon Goddess, it has been exchanged between lovers for reconciliation and has been used to lend energy to the body.

Selenite has been highly prized in Russia and Egypt, and ancient Egyptians cut it into egg shaped ornaments that were used as symbols of fertility.

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