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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but only at venues I appear at. Please check my calendar. For private healing sessions or classes, please contact me to set a time for your visit. I am NOT a retail store and DO NOT have set hours. Thank you for your understanding.
Generally orders ship within 24 hours. If you have ordered a Custom Gemstone Kit, it can take up to 7 days to prepare your item and it will be shipped when the kit is ready.
A temporary hold is placed on your card when you submit your order. We process your payment when your order is ready to be shipped.
If you have selected a 'one of a kind' item, you will receive the EXACT piece you saw in the photo when you ordered.
Product dimensions weights and bead sizes are listed in each items description. I try to be as accurate as possible with dimensions. Tumbled stone sizes and shapes vary and I list their average size.
Unless noted as a special or oversized item, all orders ship via the US Postal Service, either by 1st Class or by Priority Mail.
No! All of my gems and crystals are natural and have not been dyed or enhanced. They have been respectfully harvested from the earth. I DO carry two items that have been altered and have noted this on their product pages.The first is Crab Fire Agate, it is heat treated Carnelian. The second is the Aqua Aura Quartz. It has had gold fused to it in the lab.
In 2008 I made the switch from regular Sterling Silver to Argentium. Basically, a bit of Chromium is added to the Silver to make it highly tarnish resistant. Regular Sterling is .925 Silver, the Argentium is slightly higher and is actually at .93.
Yes, some of my items seem to be very reasonably priced when compared to other sites you may have visited. Is it due to lesser quality? Absolutely not! Items that have not been crafted by myself have been purchased using Fair Trade practices that promote free trade and healthy working conditions for artisan families all over the world. Instead of settling for "sweat shop" types of jobs, these artisans reap the great economic benefit of selling their wares direct to me and no longer have to take pennies for their days of labor. Their living conditions become improved and their children start to receive education that most times has to be paid for, even at the elementary level. And, you, my customers, reap the added benefit of no middle-man mark-ups and receive a quality product that, when purchased, truly makes a difference in someone's life.
Yes, yes you will. Many times better than the photo as I am not always able to capture all of their sparkle in an image. It may be hard to decide to order gems from just looking at photos. Check out what my customers have to say about my products in the Testimonial Area shown.
If you would like to place an order (going outside the U.S.), I am able to ship to Australia, Canada, the UK, Bristish Virgin Islands, Ireland and to service men and women at US Military addresses. The shipping, custom regulations and VAT charges vary so much by other locations that it is too unpredictable to try to set standard shipping so I do not offer it at this time. Please understand, I DO NOT set the Priority Mail rates going out of the US, the Postal Service does.


What my customers have to say:

Great shopping experience on both ends at HATM. Sue was extremely helpful while I was shopping. Everything was labeled clearly when I got it so there was no guessing. She is thoughtful in her sourcing as well as the information she provides. I plan on making her shop my first stop when looking for crystals and stones.
Charissa from Rockmart, GA
Thank you SO much Sue!!! You went above and beyond! Always a satisfied customer :)
Alana from Lindenhurst, IL
I have been visiting Howl at the Moon ever since I first met Sue at a home demonstration when she passed out her business cards proudly announcing her new business to friends. With Sue as a mentor, your knowledge will soar. She reminds us that everyone is constantly growing and learning. Rock On Sue!
Kimmie from Wheeling, IL
Good Morning! I got my crystals yesterday- they are bigger and more beautiful than the pictures! They have great energy!
Paula from Miami, FL
Well I can give you feedback on my moonstone bracelet.... I always suffer from menstrual cramps..really the other week, when it was 'time'... I put it on, and honest to god..I barely felt a pain...So whether it's a coincidence or not, I don't care:) All I know is I had one virtually pain free month!!!
Leah from New York, NY
I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love these newsletters! They are packed with wonderful info on the stones. As a "newbie" in the journey of metaphysics, I find this information on gemstones just fantastic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
Donna from Whitewater, WI
I received my order today, on my birthday! I am so impressed by it all! I am so glad I got the Phantom Quartz, it is GORGEOUS, just breathtaking, it gave me chills! I've never been disappointed in anything I've gotten from you, it's always been beyond my expectations.
Sue from Rockford, IL
As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I am fully aware of the therapeutic and metaphysical value that Crystals can provide to the human energy systems. I have been extremely pleased with every purchase I have made from Sue (Gemstoner) at "Howl at the Moon". Her products and customer focus are exceptional!
Dr. Laurie Buchanan in HolEssence, Boise, ID
I've had the pleasure of dealing with Howl at the Moon Jewelry and Gems on more than one occassion. The customer service is prompt, friendly and personalized. I'm very pleased and I will continue to shop here.
Robin from Springfield, PA
Great service, great products. I highly recommend this site.
Robin from Eagle, CO
My wife and I love everything we have gotten. The unique items keep us coming back again and again.
Frederick from Kenmore, NY
Howl at the Moon shipped quality products quickly and efficiently. I will definately shop there again.
Julia from Waukegan, IL
Great value, excellent service. I LOVE this place for gems and crystals! Ive not purchased any jewelry, but what I have bought has pleased both me and those I gave them to. I recommend Howl At The Moon Jewelry & Gems.
Candy from Tacoma, WA
Thank you again. My beautiful new crystals arrived today and, as always, they are even more spectacular then they are on your website. I really appreciate the help you provided in selecting these. I can hardly wait to begin working with them! Thanks again. Namaste.
Lisa from Deerfield, IL
I just wanted to say I love the Rainbow Moonstone you sent me they are so beautiful. And thank you for all you've done!
Bobby from Howell, MI
Very happy with your company, I hope to continue to do business with you. On a speedy delivery, the stars only reach five. I'd rate this much higher. Very nice merchandise and I would love to order from this person again.
Brian from Pleasantville, IA
She is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL in terms of her customer service and the quality/value of her products. I look forward to being a long term repeat customer of hers.
Tracy from Virginia Beach, VA

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I Am Happy To Share...

I hope you enjoy my site, find it easy to use, and bookmark it as a reference on your journey in using gems and crystals in your life. I am more than happy to share my information with you for your site - please just ask permission first.

Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

Spiritual Healing...

is not medicine but assists you on your path to better health and well-being. The information that has been provided on this site is not medical in nature and should not replace any medical treatment. Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Consult your doctor or other health care practitioners regarding health issues.