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Happy Spring!

Hello everyone!

Winter seems to have loosened it's grip here in Wisconsin. Finally! To celebrate use code 20CHIRPS for 20% off of your next order. Be quick and hop on the site, the deal ends at midnight on April 7th. While you're there, check out the beautiful new Pink Kunzite, some stunning Danburite and some Shungite Tumbleds I've just unpacked. 

It never fails, I grab a stone or crystal and it becomes my new best friend. This months stone is Danburite. I've been studying towards my next Crystal Practitioner diploma/degree and my new fave friend has been a great help in learning a bunch of new stuff. Danburite encourages you to let yourself shine. It is a very strong intellectual activator providing stimulous and response to its user.  Read all about this beautiful crystal HERE-->


~ For those in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois here are some upcoming events ~

Downtown Elkhorn Faire on the Square

Recharge Expo 6-22-19

Be Well, Go Outside and Rock On!

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