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2 Part Class Meets via Zoom on
Thursdays Sept 1 & Sept 29 from 6:30 to 9pm

Ogham (pronounced Oh-mm) is an ancient Irish alphabet most commonly referred to as the Celtic Tree alphabet. Ogham are written in a series of simple line markings along a straight edge. Similar to the Futhark Runes used by the Norse, Ogham can be used for divination, magic, and, of course, writing.

Traditionally, Ogham are each associated with a different kind of tree. We will discuss each Ogham letter individually (& their associated tree), then we will explore how they can be read together. Students will leave with practice materials to become better with Ogham divination.

Find out what the Ogham (aka Celtic Runes) can teach you!

Required: A set of Ogham (a set of staves, wooden disks, or even a set of ogham cards, such as the Celtic Tree Oracle deck)

A free workbook will be included with the class

Cost: $75 Use this link to sign up --->

Instructor: Teal brings 35+ years of experience with divination tools like the Runes & Tarot to this class. She considers herself a life-long student and feels that there is always more to learn. She loves helping people find and follow their own journey to self-discovery.