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4th Chakra Symbol

4th or Heart Chakra
Color of green and/or pink
Sanskrit: Anahata

Movement Chakras located behind the knees and the Heart Chakra, color Green. In balance, these Chakras direct your movement along your life path. Offers good protection for Earth healers and psychics who remove implants and attachments from others. Removes spirit attachments, entities and spirit possessions.

The Crystal System...

Moldavite has an Amorphous crystal system and is in the mineral class of Oxides. About 15 million years ago a giant meteorite fell to earth in what is now called Bavaria. The splatters of rocks that were melted from the impact were spread over a 250 mile area. These little splatters were cooled while they were airborne and fell to the ground along the banks of the Moldau River in present day Moldavia (formerly Czechoslovakia) and is also where this crystal got its name. It is generally a "bottle green" color.

Many place this stone in the Tektite family since it has come from the heavens. While many of its healing abilities are the same, this one is very special and has its own wonderful characteristics, is very individual, and it should not be considered "just" a Tektite.

Salt cleansing is NOT recommended with this stone. While it may appear to be strong like quartz, it is much softer and fragile in its composition.


Moldavite provides its fullest effects when laid on the forehead (third eye) . It is usually sufficient to just carry or hold though. It may also be used with Sugilite, Celestite,
Aquamarine and other stones to provide combinations of energies very conductive to healing.


Moldavite allows its user to experience great spiritual dimensions, enhances clairvoyance and lets us have a glimpse of the actual spiritual greatness humans could be capable of.


Moldavite brings memories and dream images to our consciousness allowing an insight into the meaning and duties of our lives. It also encourages sympathy and compassion.


Moldavite helps to detach our attention and awareness from materialistic urges and blocks, money problems and worries of the future. It encourages spontaneous and unconventional ideas and solutions to problems.


Moldavite supports healing processes by making us aware of the cause of the illness and the gain that can be had from experiencing the illness.

Zodiac Affinity...

Moldavite has an affinity with all zodiac signs and especially Scorpio. This stone is ruled by the Earth and the Heavens.


Moldavite has been used since the Stone Age as an amulet stone. It has a long reputation for bringing luck, fulfilling wishes and containing fertility magic.