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Aqua Blue Obsidian


5th Chakra Symbol

5th or Throat Chakra
Color of light or aqua blue
Sanskrit: Vishuddha

Aqua Blue Obsidian works well at this Chakra for communication, symbolic thinking, speaking your truth, for self expression and creativity.

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Crystal System...

Like all Obsidian, the Aqua Blue variety is amorphous and is in the mineral class of silica oxides. It is formed from volcanic flows when lava that was rich in silicic acids was cooled very quickly (flowed into a lake or the ocean). The result of this creates a mass that is very rich in minerals, and sometimes has small gas inclusions. Obsidian can not technically be classified as a crystal as it was cooled too quickly to form crystal lattices like many other stones we use for healing.

Its coloring ranges from a deep aqua to a paler aqua shade. Much of today's obsidian has come from Mexico and this variety is identified by its unique aqua blue color. Variations in the oxidation state of the small amounts of Iron, Beryllium, and/or Aluminium Silicate contained in its mix is what provides its lovely hue.

It should be noted that much of the brighter colored obsidians (blues, greens, some  reds and yellows) in the market place have been re-formed by man through a heating process turning them into smoother tumbled shapes for easier handling. While perhaps not as zippy, energetically speaking after their reform, they still contain all the goodness built in from their original creation. So, a bit slower acting over a longer period of time.


Aqua Blue Obsidian is best used by wearing or laying it on the body, especially at the Throat Chakra for long periods of time.


Aqua Blue Obsidian aids in divination and psychic development pursuits and can provide intuitive knowledge when astral travelling.


Aqua Blue Obsidian helps to to calm feelings of anger and frustration and balances extremes of moods. It will assist in removing feelings of apprehension and sadness and encourages a healthy trust in your God, Goddess or whatever you choose as your spiritual guide.


Aqua Blue Obsidian helps to clear mental confusion as it clears and sorts needed information from all the swirls of what we take in and store. It also facilitates the practice of telepathy and helps to encourage astral travel.


Aqua Blue Obsidian, like most Obsidians, are known for providing insight into the emotional causes of physical illness. As it relieves stress and eases tensions in the muscles, circulation and artery health has been shown to improve.

Zodiac Affinity...

Aqua Blue Obsidian has a special affinity with Pices but benefits all signs. Its Energy is Projective, its Planet is Neptune, and its Element is Water. A great one for those involved in public speaking.


There is not a ton of folklore about this one. For those who practice Elemental Rituals, the Aqua Blue Obsidian is a great one to use in channeling the properties of water. It is also one that encourages clarity and focus for psychic practices, essentially helping things just flow.