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Over 100 Tumbled Stone Varieties

Tumbled healing gemstones are an easy way to bring their healing qualities along with you for the day. Carry in your pocket - or bra for the gals. Skin contact is always best for maximum energy transfer results. Natural tumbled gemstones are useful for healing or meditation. Aside from one exception (Crab Fire Agate), my tumbled stones are not dyed or heated for color enhancement.

Helps with procrastination by grounding scattered or diffused energy.

Assists us and helps us to appreciate what we are growing in our spiritual natures.

Helps establish inner boundaries and to find inner peace and is awesome to meditate with.

Wakens Kundalini energy of spiritual transformation facilitating visionary experience.

Enables us to see suppressed parts of our nature and not judge, but accept them.

Useful in raising consciousness to higher plane providing enhanced intuition.

Aids in affirming our lives and allows our strong points or "sunny side" to shine. 3 sizes.

Assists in enhancing psychic abilities, activates recall of dreams and aids in astral travel.

Tiger Iron Tumbled

Inspires new impulses when our lives have been calling out for change for a long time.

Helps us to get through difficult times in our lives without losing our inner voice.

Aids in keeping the spark alive of a trust in a greater power that leads us in hard times.

Promotes love and balance and allows us to be open to new spiritual knowledge.

Provides a relaxed attitude combining body, mind, spirit into harmonious whole.

It is a healer of the spirit and provides a soothing energy and peace of mind.

Dissolves false self images and highlights the weaknesses and strengths of our true self.

A good one for regaining your enthusiasm for life and making positive changes.

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Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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