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Phantom Quartz


7th Chakra Symbol

7th or Crown Chakra
Color of purple or white
Sanskrit: Sahasrara

Fills the aura, chakras and aura bodies with light, heals the etheric and emotional bodies. Clears negativity at all levels, protects from negative energy and detoxifies the aura. Releases past life information in visual flashbacks. Allows us to move quickly from current life scenes to older ones and enables us to release old karmic issues and patterns.

The Crystal System...

All Quartz have Trigonal crystal system and are in the mineral class of oxides. Phantoms are recognized as a crystal within a crystal. And, depending upon how the crystal is viewed, the Phantoms may not be visible. Generally, the Phantoms edges are what is seen, sometimes made more prevalent by a white or colored mineral. The most striking views come when the crystal is placed on top of a light source.

These type of crystals have experienced several lifetimes of learning and being. While the shape stays the same, Phantoms show the many phases that can be experienced during a lifetime. As "Generators" (six faces terminating at the tip) they are extremely energetic and emit large amounts of white healing light.


Phantom Quartz is best used in a meditative state while gazing into the crystal.


Phantom Quartz is the ultimate symbol of universal awareness. It provides the energies needed to connect with higher realms of knowledge for our spiritual enlightenment. It is also an invaluable tool in finding spiritual guides who are always ready to help guide us.


Phantom Quartz provides great healing energies in overcoming emotional issues and traumas by allowing us to go back and look at the source of the injury. This is accomplished in a calm, almost removed way as in watching a movie.


Phantom Quartz, when used with respect, humility and patience, can reveal many answers to questions we have pondered. Many times these answers may come as mental images or pictures accompanied by a "knowing", then understanding and finally a release from what we percieved as mental limitations.


Phantom Quartz has been used in the treatment of hearing disorders and to stimulate clairaudience.

Zodiac Affinity...

Phantom Quartz has an affinity with all signs. It's energies are Projective and Receptive. Associated Planets are the Sun and Moon and Elements are Fire and Water.


Phantom Quartz is used as an aid to bring all levels of our growth into balance. Hindsight lets us see how we arrived at today. Foresight allows us to see what can happen. Our actions in the now become most important. They determine how much we may be open to guidance from the spirit world for what lies ahead.

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