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Reiki Symbol Set

Set of four Reiki Symbol stones.

Kits are fully Reiki charged when they arrive to you.

Available in Rose Quartz or Amethyst.

Stones approximately 1-1/8 inches in size.

Includes shimmery golden net bag.

Individually hand carved with metallic gold accents.


Reiki Symbols

Cho Ku Rei
Intention: Light Switch - Purpose: Manifestation, increased power, accelerated healing, healing catalyst

Sei Hei Ki
Intention: Purification - Purpose: Cleansing, protection, mental and emotional healing

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Intention: Timelessness - Purpose: Distant or past/present/future, healing karma, spiritual connection

Dai Ko Myo
Intention: Enlightenment - Purpose: Empowerment, soul healing, oneness

Gem Bag

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