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Triskele Sun Chime

Triskele Sun Chime. Colored glass beads and leaded bottom crystal bring beautiful rainbow patterns into your spaces when hit by the sun's light, and any soft breeze provides the soothing sounds of tinkling chimes. 

Size: 11-1/4" tall, 1-1/2" in diameter

Includes hook for hanging. Indoor/Ourdoor use.

Triskele Symbol
The Triskele symbol, otherwise known as the Triskelion, is a trilateral symbol consisting of three interlocked spirals. Widely regarded as one of the oldest Irish symbols in existence. Triskeles feature prominently in both ancient and modern Celtic art, as they evoke the Celtic interpretation of the three realms of material existence: earth, water, and sky (and all their interconnections). The symbol is also thought to represent the three worlds: spiritual, physical, and celestial.