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Hello Wonderful Creatures!

Whispering WolfWhispering Wolf is the place I've created to write and post about varied artistic topics, thoughts of a spiritual nature, and things I like or find interesting. I've set no limits on what I will chat about. Some may be how-to, informational, or just fun. It is my hope this space will inspire you to honor all the pieces that make up the most wonderful and unique creature of all, YOU!

Pink Kunzite Is A Real Winner!

I had no idea PINK would be sooooo in! I'm really glad Hollywood agrees with my thinking. hahahahahaha

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Learn About Pink Opal

I've had a lot of requests for a good "self-love," or a "how to get over..." stone over the past few 

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Learn About Glaucophane

Someone, somewhere, has decided to call it the 'que sera stone' in the metaphysical world...

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Eye of Shiva Shells

The Shiva Eye Shell comes from a specific type of snail found off the coast of Thailand.  It is the Operculum, or the “trap door” of the shell the snail goes in and out of.

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Learn About Stromatolite

And again I chuckle because I know I've said it before, so what a shocker! "The right one comes along when we need it."

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What Is Chiastolite?

Chiastolite promotes an in-depth look at our emotional, physical and intellectual sides and allows us to be unbiased about what we find.

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What Is Kambamba Jasper?

This stone is another one I've seen around for a while, but had not spent time working with.

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Learn About Bumble Bee Jasper

Once again we have a trade name that doesn't match what a stone actually is...

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