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Earth ... my body
Air ... my breath
Fire ... my creative force
Water ... my blood
... my spirit

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Hello Wonderful Creatures!

Whispering WolfWhispering Wolf is the place I've created to write and post about varied artistic topics, thoughts of a spiritual nature, and things I like or find interesting. I've set no limits on what I will chat about. Some may be how-to, informational, or just fun. It is my hope this space will inspire you to honor all the pieces that make up the most wonderful and unique creature of all, YOU!

What's In A Name?

Whatever you choose to call it is not the important part I think.

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Goddess Aphrodite

Aphrodite had one gift and one gift only . . . to make love.

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Nirvana Quartz - Full of Bliss

Another one I waited too long to try. They are just full of bliss!

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Goddess Eostre / Ostara

Eostre, Goddess of fertility and new beginnings.

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