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2nd Annual Witch-tober at Howl at the Moon Gems

It's our FAVORITE time of year!

All month we will have ongoing sales in-store and every Saturday there will be special themed reader sessions available!

Walk-in appointments may still be available on each event day, but we would encourage you to reserve your slot if you want to be sure to see one of our readers this month.

Please Stop in or CALL 262.325.6294 for bookings.

 Witch-tober Reader Lineup 

Readings with Dawn Every Friday from 11 to 5

Dawn's communications with spirit and intuitive energies has helped many to heal and understand their life purpose for over 20 years. Stop in and find out what's in store for you. Dawn found her true love while growing up in Northern New Jersey in the heart and soul of the Ramapo Mountains. There she learned, while spending most of her childhood playing in the woods, that she was not alone. She was drawn to the mysteries and spirits of the old Revolutionary Soldiers that would watch over her. She would learn later in life that the forest had many stories to tell from the trees to the cool moss under the great oaks.

Cost: $25/15 min. - $45/30 min. - $80/1 hr.

Tea Readings with DawnSaturday - 10/1 - 11am to 5pm
Tea & Tarot with Witchy Dawn

Reading tea is a fun divination that interprets the patterns in tea leaves. Dawn will connect to your fun and whimsical future by reading our wildcrafted Moon Magick Tea and incorporate a single card reading to enhance your message from Spirit. Dawn's slots sell out each time we offer this so be sure to book your time early for this special treat!

Cost: $45 - Each Tea Session is approximately 20-30 minutes. Appointments will be on the half hour throughout the day.

Druid Tarot with TealSaturday - 10/8 - 11am to 3pm
Druidcraft Tarot with Teal Joy Journey

Teal has been reading Tarot for over 30 years. She uses divination, intuition, and personal growth tools to help you work toward your goals and to know yourself better.

Her goal is to help people heal & grow, gain control over their life, and begin (or continue) their own journey to joy.

Where are you holding yourself back? What gifts from the universe are you ignoring? Why are you hiding your light? How can you make your dreams come true? How do you figure out what it is you are meant to be doing on this planet?

Book your session early for this special Witch-tober offering using the Druidcraft Tarot and discover the answers to some of your questions.

Cost: $45 / 30 min. - $80 / 60 min.

Akashic Records and Mediumship ReadingsSaturday - 10/15 - 11am to 5pm
Fairy Infused Readings with Lesley

Lesley is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Akashic Records Channel. She is guided to use her mediumship to help people find answers and joy within. 

She is native to the Chicago area and has owned a Visual Communication business for over 25 years. Her creative spirit drives her work and her call to serve others. 

The Akashic Records are a concept that describes space that contains information about everything in existence since the dawn of time. It’s like an infinite database. Because of this expansiveness, it is important for both the participant and channel to ask very specific questions. 

All Akasha sessions start with a protection prayer, which welcomes your loving lineage, teachers, masters, guides, and angels.

Come to explore and find your inner wisdom! 

Cost: $45/30 min - $80/1 hour

Medium and Tarot Reader FayeSaturday - 10/22 - 11am to 5pm
Tarot with Medium Boho Faye

As a medium, Faye reads messages from the Universe through her tarot cards. The cards reveal a story that reflects your life offering insights, and advice in the telling.

Born an “Old Soul”, she shares her wisdom, experience, and intuitive inner being, offering clarity and guidance on the practical and spiritual issues important to you. Be sure to book your time early for this special treat!

Cost: $25/15 min - $45/30 min

Just Ask Alice Tarot ReadingsSaturday - 10/29 - 11am to 5pm
Just Ask Alice Tarot Readings

Have questions? Just Alice Alice, we think she'll know! She is an empath and tell it like it is kind of person. Her readings are direct and to the point. She has read at the Bristol Renn Faire and throughout the years read for friends, family and strangers. All of them have found insight from her readings and many have changed their path to do what they truly love. You may have already met her at one of my Recharge Expos.

Cost: $25/15 min - $45/30 min