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Sue Sullivan, CCP, RMTIf this is your first visit to my site and you are not familiar with stone energies, welcome to a wonderful new world! You may come to discover why you have been attracted to some of them and what they have provided you with at certain times on your life's path. And if you are a return visitor, welcome back!

My stone inventory is constantly changing, especially on items noted as 'one of a kind.' If an item is noted as 'one of a kind,' you will receive exactly what is shown. For all the rest, I try to show the variations of the gems in their photos. Please remember, like each of us, they are all unique.

I have also included a lot of information to help you on your path: a Free Gemstone Healing Guide listing their Healing Properties, Chakras and gemstone applications, and now carry over 100 varieties of healing gemstones.

Latest News

What is Faden Quartz?

Many of you may already have a Faden Quartz crystal and just not have known it.

Goddess Eostre / Ostara

Eostre (pronounced East-ra) was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn ...

Who Is The Greenman?

At this time of year we are generally VERY over winter and longing for the warmer spring days.

Busy Rebuilding the Store

If things look a bit different, they are!

March Expo Date

Join us in Milwaukee in the Desert Dome, booth #22!

See Thru Lockets Are Here

Great for charms, small gems or any other tiny treasures.

Winter Shipping Special

taps microphone... ATTENTION....

Hello Everyone! Special USA shipping rates!

Crystal Deliciousness

Our back room will be filled with loads of crystal deliciousness when...

Day of the Dead Psychic Fair

We will be hosting our Day of the Dead Psychic Fair on Saturday, November 1st from 12 - 5 pm.

Selenite Logs!!!

Holy cow!!! I have been on the hunt for these for quite a while...

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is not medicine but assists you on your path to better health and well-being. The information that has been provided on this site is not medical in nature and should not replace any medical treatment. Consult your doctor or other health care practitioners regarding health issues.