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Howl at the Moon Gems offers Tumbled Stones, Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry for Crystal Healing, provides free resources and carries Metaphysical Supplies.

Visit in-person at the store: 14 E. Walworth St, downtown Elkhorn
***Masks are now optional for all guests - we still offer them for free***

Whether you are new to the crystal world or an old pro, we hope we can direct you to exactly what you are searching for. For those who are new on this path, there is an extensive learning how/to area. Click here to learn extensive crystal information. Wondering what a stone’s healing property is? Click here to check out the detailed crystal index area. You can also check out my blog, The Whispering Wolf for tips techniques and stone information here. And, of course, while you are here, check out all the crystal goodies and Go Crystal Shopping by clicking this link.

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