you are drawn to
your "fave gem"
Discover why
The effects of any gem can be
used to dissolve a block
within a related lifestyle type
Enjoy your journey in
discovering your own
personal crystal system

If there are difficulties or problems you have created from your current lifestyle, or have become ill because of a type of lifestyle, then gems that have a corresponding lifestyle crystal structure can help to solve the difficulties or dis-ease.

Explore this area about formations that make up crystals and how they relate to lifestyles.
Perhaps you will find yours and come to understand why you are drawn to your "favorite gem".

The effects of any gem can be used to dissolve a block within a related lifestyle type and you can become free to handle your life at a conscious level again. This works according to the homeopathic principle of "like heals like." The healing process can work very quickly when you have found the right stone with a suitable structure.

Unlike the other described types of healing on the site, there is another possibility. Some crystal lifestyles or qualities may seem totally alien to you. In spite of this, a relevant lifestyle crystal can offer you the characteristics or abilities that could be quite useful.

The Healing Process

Crystal SystemsThe effect of the gem you choose can help in developing the characteristics or abilities you would like to acquire. The process can take a bit of time and it is rare to be able to accomplish it in a day. As a rule it can take one or two months to see results, and then you will need to practice until it has become a part of you that can no longer be lost or removed.

As you explore the pages in this area, I hope you enjoy discovering what your make up is.