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Monoclinic Crystal System

Triclinic Crystal Systems are those that have the inner shape of a trapezium (three inclined angles). The beauty of these crooked or bent crystals is that they have no right angles. The most striking example of where this is displayed is in Amazonite which forms in the shape of two trapeziums joined together. Other types are Kyanite, Labradorite, Rhodonite, Sunstone and Turquoise.

This crystal shape has a broad base which symbolizes a stable nature. However, it does need to be flipped upside down many times just to fit in. When it's upside down it's rather insecure looking. Both of these realities are present in a triclinic lifestyle as things seem to flip flop for you. Volatile, spontaneous and unpredictable, even to yourself, the course of your life is erratic. Fate continuously takes a hand in presenting you with unexpected new challenges.

If you are a Triclinic person, the ups and downs found in the Monoclinic lifestyle are even more noticeable here as you go back and forth between much larger extremes. This makes plans of any sort almost impossible.

Even physically your body can demonstrate extreme contrasts. You can feel tough and strong but appear to be weak, or you could look like Mr. or Ms. Universe but be no where as strong as you appear. Usually though, your appearance will mirror your mood. Dressed to kill or totally grunged, you master every nuance. To someone who doesn't know you well, this can be a nice surprise or they could be horrified.

Time Structure

Time is an interesting phenomenon to you, it is subjective. It can fly on one day and drag on endlessly on another. You have no objective way of measuring it so you become used to estimating periods and points in time, and very often are surprisingly accurate. Those around you watch in wonder how precise you can be, even when unforeseen obstacles present themselves. Your "guesstimates" can be more accurate than any complicated calculation.


Similar situations with your actions exist as well. One day everything falls into place, jobs are easy, everything is working and there are no problems in sight. The next day can be quite different as you get out of bed and stub your toe and the day is filled with problems. You find yourself wishing you would have stayed in bed with the covers over your head.


While you are extremely creative and full of ideas, you need to realize them as soon as they appear, for in a moment, they can be gone. You can have days full of inspiration and alternate with ones that have a complete lack of ideas where you are very frustrated.


Unlike the ebb and flow of a Monoclinic lifestyle, your moods zig zag. Each change can go from agony to ecstasy without rhyme or reason. Amazingly though, all these changes have little to do with whether your life is happy or not.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Triclinic GemsYou can approach things positively or negatively. Depending on what you choose, your daily ups and downs can be wonderfully varied ... or a trip through hell. Negative aspects will often begin with indifference. Since things constantly change, you feel you have no influence within or around yourself. You may develop a cloak of apathy as a protective measure. This can save you from becoming too involved in things, but it will drive you further into an attitude where you suffer through everything.

The end result of the apathy is that you start to feel like a victim. It's just bad fate, you are unlucky, it's others who are nasty and wish you ill. You start to feel threatened or even attacked by evil forces. You throw in the towel and turn down help because you fear the motives of that helper or healer. The down point is reached when the high points no longer arrive. This can be a very sad state of mind.

The way to get back your high points is by making a decision to have a positive new start. Your volatile nature can make the leap of faith from those low depths possible. Since you don't have difficulties in making a decision, any spiritual one you make is carried out consistently.

While not much may change in respect to the torturous path of your life, this uncertainty encourages the development of your sixth sense or other gifts. You will be able to see meaning in your eventful life. The ups and downs become a winding path that keeps taking you uphill. As your abilities expand, you gain a faith that makes miracles possible.