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The Monoclinic Crystal System and You

Monoclinic Crystal System

Learn about formations that make up crystals and how they relate to lifestyles.
Perhaps you will find yours and come to understand why you are drawn to your "favorite gem".

Monoclinic Crystal Systems are those that have the inner shape of a parallelogram. The name comes from the Greek mono (one) and klinein (to incline or bend). This crooked angle is most obvious in gypsum (selenite) that many times has crooked crystals with very visible parallelogram shapes. Other minerals that fall into this category include Azurite, Epidote, Jade, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Moonstone and Nephrite.

A parallelogram gives the impression of tipping to one side. This instability is one of the main characteristics of a monoclinic lifestyle. A continuous flow of up and down movement. Life changes in almost regular rhythms. Some things you enjoy today will bug you tomorrow, and next week, well, you'd rather not think about that.

If you are a Monoclinic person, your permanent flux has a consistency about it, and it appears that you can almost plan for it. When you do make plans, it's never for exact times, but time slots. You are always ready to change what you intend to do at the drop of a hat. You are reluctant to make promises without a loophole for the "just in case" times. However, once you give your word, you stick to it. Even if it means a great, last minute effort to keep your word.

On one hand, you find predictions about the future a fascination. On the other, well you'd just rather not know what awaits you and will tend to not believe them. Your life experience has taught you that what actually happens is usually different than what you thought would happen.

Time Structure

While your ideal would be to be prudent and thoughtful in your planning, you will usually be spontaneous. Some days you will run great risks and on others, caution will take over. In this way, you seem to be completely unpredictable to those around you.


Left to your own devices, you will often torment yourself over making a hard decision. If you have to choose between two equally valid ideas, you are usually able to see the merits and pitfalls of both. The longer you ponder them, the harder your choice. Even when you think you have decided, the merits of the other idea seem to stand out more clearly and you can quickly change your path.


With your see-saw thinking, doubt can become your constant companion. You never think of yourself as moody since you are aware of what triggers these changes in mood. The positive here is that anger and fury can dissolve quickly so you're not one to hold a grudge as long as you can voice your opinion.


The change from one feeling to another is very spontaneous. It is in these cases that one word from someone, even in jest, can send you on a downward path. But, another one can also send you soaring into a sort of high.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Tetragonal Gems

Your inconsistency is where most of your problems come from. Disagreements with those who "don't understand you" can be the order of the day. Depending on their severity, you will react in different ways. Clear and direct confrontations will more likely explain your way of doing things. This will also help you gain trust in clarifying different viewpoints, even in yourself. These discussions are necessary for yourself and give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and can be very beneficial.

Constant needling, on the other hand, is poison to you. Because of your ability to be influenced, gradually this can chip away at your self-worth and promote self-doubt and loss of objectivity. This can cause things to be left undone until there is a mountain of unfinished business. Ignoring things for a while does not relieve the load. A resignation sets in that puts an end to your fluctuating moods and, unfortunately, will place them at the bottom end of your emotional scale.

What will help in those cases is to confront the situations as they are. Don't turn away, but focus directly on them. Talking with supportive friends is a great idea because you can regain some of your self-worth. It is then time to start to deal with your unfinished business, bit by bit. Every detail you attend to will propel you forward.

Finally your monoclinic nature will again take over and things will become manageable again. Your mood will rise, and you only have to make sure to stick with it because sunshine always follows the rain. You will become functional and regain your freedom from doubt.

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