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Candle Colors & Their Intention

Use this area as a reference for your Prayer Intentions, Associated Chakras and Magickal associations by candle color. For better results of your intentions, read through the Magick and the Moon page. 

It is ok to use more than one candle at a time. If you use multiple candles, remember to light them in a clockwise (left to right) pattern for good energy flow. When snuffing them (if needed) do in a counter clockwise (right to left) pattern to release.

Here are a few more common placements that you can use for your prayerful, healing or magickal intentions.

Triangle: Use as an aid in overcoming inner conflicts or to enhance your creativity.

Square: Use this for grounding, enhancing your compassion or unconditional love. 

Diamond: Great one to use for meditation and for bringing harmony to life situations.

Star: Usually 5 points, and used to strengthen or bring about higher spiritual awareness.

Circle: (6 or more candles) are used for protection or to symbolize the cycle or circle of life, the inter-connectedness of all things.

Intention: Love, Passion, Courage.
Chakra: Associated with 1st Chakra
Magickal Correspondance: Element of Fire


Orange —
Strength, Success, Joy
Chakra: Associated with 
2nd Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Creativity and celebration.


Yellow —
Strength, Success, Joy.
Chakra: Associated with
3rd Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Element of Air.


Green —
Healing, Prosperity.
Chakra: Associated with
4th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Element of Earth.


Light Blue —
Deep Wisdom, the Moon.
Chakra: Associated with
5th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Spirituality, tranquility and peace.


Navy Blue —
Meditation, Tranquility.
Chakra: Associated with
6th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Element of Water.


Purple —

Intention: Spirituality, Intuition.
Chakra: Associated with 7th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Spiritual guidance and psychic abilities.


White —
Purity, Protection.
Chakra: Associated with
7th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Element of Spirit.


Pink —
Emotional Love, Harmony.
Chakra: Associated with
4th Chakra and Higher Heart Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Love, compassion and nurturing.


Brown —
Grounding and Stability.
Chakra: Associated with
1st Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: House blessing, animal and earth magick.


Black —
Absorb / Remove Negativity.
Chakra: Associated with
1st Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Reversing, uncrossing, and banishing.


Ivory —
Intention: Gentle Strength and Joy.
Chakra: Associated with 2nd and 7th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Neutrality, balance and harmlessness.


Gold —
Financial success and prosperity.
Chakra: Associated with
2nd Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Masculine divinity or God.


Silver —
Prosperity, dream magic, and exploring mysteries.
Chakra: Associated with
7th Chakra.
Magickal Correspondance: Feminine divinity or Goddess.

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