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Special Witch-tober Event!

Fairy Infused Readings with Lesley
11am to 5pm

Lesley is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Akashic Records Channel. She is guided to help people using her mediumship skills to find answers and joy within. 

She is native to the Chicago area and has owned a Visual Communication business for over 25 years. Her creative spirit drives her work and her call to serve others. 

The Akashic Records are a concept that describes space that contains information about everything in existence since the dawn of time. It’s like an infinite database. Because of this expansiveness, it is important for both the participant and channel to ask very specific questions. 

All Akasha sessions start with a protection prayer, which welcomes your loving lineage, teachers, masters, guides, and angels.

Come to explore and find your inner wisdom! 

Cost: $45/30 min - $80/1 hour

While walk-ins might be available, we encourage you to reserve your spot by calling 262.325.6294.