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Learn How to Use Gems for Healing

What to NEVER Use In An Elixer

There are many crystals that should never be used to make elixirs or be ingested. The basic rule of thumb is that any stone containing metals should not be used, ever!

What to Use or Not Use?

What to Use In ElixersThe list of what NOT to use would include most brightly colored blue and green stones as these often take their coloring from metals, and metals can be toxic in humans. Water and/or alcohol leaches the toxins from the stone, which would then be ingested by you. Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stone because, again, most metals are toxic to humans.

Please refer to the chart shown below when making an elixir to make sure that you do not select a stone that can cause you harm. When in doubt - just do not use the crystal to make an elixir! There are always other crystals that will possess the same properties as the ones below and are safe to use.

The list below is by no means to be considered complete. Please feel free to contact me if you are questioning a gem to use. If you already know the basic make-up of a stone, go and check on an elemental table to see what all the parts are that make it up.

What are the Pros and Cons?

What to Use In ElixersEven small make-ups of metals taken internally can hurt you. And to the argument of "they are in our vitamins and other things we consume", I say we all know that all of the elements are important to our health and well being, even the metals...but in the correct doses.

There is an advantage to wearing or laying on of crystals when you are experimenting. In particular, they can be quickly removed and its effect will fade much quicker. If there is a specific area you are targeting, laying on the gem would be preferred. In most cases, a gem and an essence will compliment each other well when used together.

You need to use caution with anything you ingest, read about warnings. Never, ever, EVER use Malachite (green stones), Lapis (dark blue stones), or any with sulphur/acid bases to take internally. You could be dead before you hit the floor!

But Wait! There Is Good News!

Safe Gems Good NewsNow don't get excited or upset! Not all gems are bad to use. There are many that are very beneficial when used in an elixer. Some examples to safely use topically would be Amethyst for acne, Blue Lace Agate for puffy eyes, Moss Agate for athletes foot, Rhodonite for minor cuts and abrasians and Rose Quartz for burns.

For myself, I have seven Rutilated Quartz that I use in about 8 ounces of water that I drink in the morning and evening. Each time, I drink all 8 ounces of the water and refill my glass. It sits on the window sill and gets charged by the sun during the day and by the moon at night. It has definitely increased my energy, concentration and stamina and I can highly recommend it for personal use!

Crystal Elixer Caution Chart

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