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Earth for Grounding


Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground as you reach for the stars.

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Slow the Roll

UPDATE May 1, 2020: Happy Beltane! The fairies have returned with lots of laughs and giggles!

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Learn About Pink Opal

I've had a lot of requests for a good "self-love," or a "how to get over..." stone over the past few 

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Learn About Stromatolite

And again I chuckle because I know I've said it before, so what a shocker! "The right one comes along when we need it."

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Learn About Shungite

I hope you are all still well! All is well with me here in Elkhorn, WI. It's been a month so far...

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Find Your Glow in a Peaceful Place

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can check out a couple of ideas I find helpful, or blaze your own trail.

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Samhain - Halloween

A day to celebrate ancestors, harvests and the coming of the dark time of the year.

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Walk In The Woods

A heart full of promise of how I would change the world.

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Can You Dig It?

Disconnected? You may really need to ground yourself.

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