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Plan with the Moon


The moon looks upon many night flowers, but the night flowers see only one moon.

- Jean Ingelow

Significance of Full Moon in Virgo

For many of us, the New Moon in Aquarius seemed to provide a long awaited energy shift - in a good way.

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Oct. - The Full Promise Moon

This one needs the use of forethought...

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Let Your Ideas Grow

"If you do things as Mother Nature planned your garden and life will always be beautiful."

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July - The Full Mystery Moon

Life stops to take a breath and sit a spell...

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April - The Full Seed Moon

A time for planting the seeds for what you hope will flourish...

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March - The Full Maiden Moon

The Maiden Moon contains the power of new beginnings...

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November - The Full Spirit Moon

The Spirit Moon conveys the time for power...

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August - Full Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon reaps our physical & spiritual harvests...

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May - The Honey Moon

May's Honey Moon, a time for love...

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February - The Candle Full Moon

The Candle Moon holds the power of shining a light on things...

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