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Focus With Septarians

With all the new goodies coming in over the past two weeks I found myself a bit scattered. Actually, more than a bit as I moved from one package to another, oogling and ah-ing and saying hello to all my new friends. I was totally distracted and wasn't accomplishing a whole bunch, until ... I opened the crate with these beauties.

One in particular became my new best friend and attached itself to my left hand, and I couldn't put it down, even if I had wanted to. It was comfortable, I felt grounded, and after a bit no longer even realized I was holding on to it.

I sorted, counted, weighed, photographed and updated all the new goodies. ALL the while holding on to my little friend. As I sat to write this I realized what my little friend had provided me with and chuckled and called him sneaky.

I have to say, usually stones in the Calcite family are not so fast acting, but I think the unique combination found in this one has a much faster reaction time.

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Posted by Gemstoner

Hi there! I'm the owner of Howl at the Moon Gems. I have been infatuated with crystals and gems since I was a child when my maternal grandfather was my first teacher of the natural world. He taught me a lot of the old ways as to uses of herbs, purposes of tree woods, and gave me my first unofficial stone classes. A lot of time has passed since those early days ... and, while I have learned much, I am still learning.

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