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Six Hollydaze Gems

Ready to take a nap until holiday season is done?

Holiday induced stress IS a real thing. I like to call it 'Hollydaze' since it's easy to get lost and confused in all that's going on. For many, the shopping, the preparing, hosting get togethers, getting ready to travel, or getting ready for guests leaves us stressed to the max and that can take the joy out of the season.

Use one or all of these to enjoy this magical time of year with calmness, serenity, and taking in the peace the season can bring.

Tumbled Lepidolite

Lepidolite: One of my faves to help me chill. It works as an aid to set goals and realize them without outside help. In doing this, change takes place in an inconspicuous and quiet manner. It also helps to insulate us from outer influences, especially when finding yourself in crowded areas with lots of people. It brings an inner calm and peace and can help with sleep disturbances as well. Yes, rest is important! And it is a great assistant in objective and targeted decision making - a good quality to have in the midst of holiday gift shopping..

Tumbled Citrine

Citrine: Citrine brings the "joy of life." It helps to overcome depression and to free yourself from oppressive influences. I find it brings quick awareness and keeps me sharp on days I need to be "on my toes" and really focused. It is also AWESOME for keeping negative vibes away, because, yes, we all know one or two grumpy grinch’s.

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

Amethyst: Keep your home feeling like a place of serenity and peace filled with all the beautiful vibes the meaning of the season holds. Setting out a few pieces of standing Amethyst will encourage spiritual wakefulness, helps to quiet the mind and is an aid to finding inner peace. It’s also a good aid to rid pain or tension and is especially helpful with tension headaches. 

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

Rose Quartz: To further enhance your holiday haven, adding some soothing Rose Quartz to sit beside the Amethyst will have you relaxed and floating on a cloud. Carried with you, the calmness it provides lets your loving nature shine through.

Tumbled Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate: This one encourages a calm and contemplative view of life. It provides protection, security and safety by dissolving inner tensions. It also allows us to resist external influences in our search for internal peace.

Tumbled Celestite

Celestite: Heals the aura, astral body and light body and aligns them. Fosters a connection and ability to work with Goddesses, spirit guides, angels, nature divas and ascended beings. Along with promoting a pleasant disposition, it can also provide us with good communication skills. Providing a cleansing of areas of affectation, it transforms pain and chaos into light and love.

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Enjoy & Rock Out the Hollydaze!

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