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What Is Kambamba Jasper?

All the planetary retrogrades and eclipses seem to be finished for the year now. Much has been exposed to the light of day. This stone is another one I've seen around for a while, but had not spent time working with. And spoiler alert, yes I'm chuckling - it's not really a Jasper. But for me, once again it was the perfect stone for what I was experiencing.

4th Chakra Symbol4th or Heart Chakra
Color of green and/or pink
Sanskrit: Anahata

Soothes heartache and loneliness, fosters emotional balance, resolves conflicts, provides inner peace and strength. Provides courage in facing real emotions. Opens and heals old traumas and grief. Creates a trust in the Goddess, facilitates learning to flow with life, change, and reduces fear.

Crystal System...

Kambamba, aka Crocodile or Nebula Stone, is commonly sold as a jasper or as a stromatolitic rock ...BUT... it is neither. WHAT??? The EPI-Institute in Germany studied the rock by thin section and discovered that this stone consists of Quartz, Pyroxene (aegirine), Albite, and K Feldspar (a potassium-dominant feldspar). The characteristic, blackish, rounded aggregates consist of needles of amphiboles (petrified algae-mainly). OK, so what does that mean? In layman terms, it is a fine grained “volcanic” crystalline rock, specifically in the Rhyolite family. So, it has a trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of silicates.

Current supplies are coming out of Madagascar although it is found in other areas globally. It's coloring is generally a very deep green, which appears to be almost black, and has spots and swirls of olive to lighter greens. When found in areas of Mexico, the background is a light green with the swirls being the deep green color. There's a lot of hoo-hah across the web on this one which seems to be things that have been just copied and pasted :(

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know how much I dislike made up terminolgy - especially rock names. Incorrect naming and classifying aside, this really is a fabulous one to work with. And because it is so widely known as Kambamba, I will use it's given trade name :D


For me, this one has a more masculine feel. I felt really grounded when meditating, but I seemed to want more to carry a couple with me throughout the day (one in each of my front pockets). Either way, meditating or carrying, I found the energy very calming and comforting. I think that this one will be a slow acting one though and will need to be used over a long period of time.


Kambamba Jasper, for me, provided a spiritual confidence that I have been on the right path. In gazing at it's endless circles and swirls I felt uplifted to a higher realm of spiritual thought. It seemed that energy disapated a bit after putting them aside so I've decided to carry them with me as my new best friends for bit.


Kambamba Jasper provided a nice release of swirling emotional thoughts that had been pent up over these last months of living with a world wide pandemic. I definitely experienced a calm set in letting me know 'it will eventually be all right."


Kambamba Jasper seemed to release my heart centered hesitancy of even considering any new 'relationship' in my life. Perhaps it will allow me to be more open to giving and receiving love on a personal level. We'll see, the jury is still out LOL.


Kambamba Jasper has been reported to boost the immune system, aid in vitamin assimilation, and to improve the condition of skin and nails. It has also been used for digestive and nausea issues.

Zodiac Affinity...

Kambaba Jasper has a special affinity with Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn, but benefits all signs. It has a Receptive and Projective energy, is ruled by Venus and Mercury and is an Element of both Earth and Air. It is a good stone for artists or those in fields where creativity is required.


Kambamba Jasper is believed to be a souvenir from the time of the destruction of Atlantis and contains the memories of pre-historic times. It is assumed to be an excellent stone for scrying, especially when trying to learn about pre-historic times.

It has been reported to help enhance an established career and will strengthen your business interest and ward off any unnecessary or unwanted change.

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Posted by Gemstoner

Hi there! I'm the owner of Howl at the Moon Gems. I have been infatuated with crystals and gems since I was a child when my maternal grandfather was my first teacher of the natural world. He taught me a lot of the old ways as to uses of herbs, purposes of tree woods, and gave me my first unofficial stone classes. A lot of time has passed since those early days ... and, while I have learned much, I am still learning.

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Kathleen Jackson (not verified) November 18, 2020

Thanks so much for this informative article. The author and teacher Jaap Van Etten has said that working with a skull carved from Kambaba Jasper has been a revelation. I'll definitely check this stone out !
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Gemstoner November 18, 2020

Thanks Kathleen!
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